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I am relentless in the mission that I attack I have the fortitude and courage to bring you back I feel the longing an’ the needing of what you lack I know you’re feeling and the pain that you bleed is black And when you need me then you won’t need to find me I well know suffering don’t need to remind me I’ll already be, makin my way to you So are you ready, for feelin’ relief come true You’ll feel me arrive in the distance Anticipation, with no resistance, to feel alive To you I’m flying, quickly descending From my objective I’m never bending, I’m not gonna let you down.. so I’m be coming to get you But so long you’ve had to wait And over you thought your fate It never can be too late To keep your beliefs alive Cos just when you think your time Has come to the end of your line That’s when the strength you (will) find Is (I’m) coming to save your life Un-shut the shutters un-batton the hatches set off the alarms and loosen the latches put out the fires but burn all the matches invent and adapt ‘cos that’s what the catch is believe in yourself, don’t let no-one tell you make up your own rules and pull on the bell to show all the ringers why it’s your toll that sounds the best be proud of your thoughts, forget about all the rest I’ll always be here, I’m never leavin’ You can depend on just, what you believe in.. just to keep alive My will is frozen never releasing Determination never decreasing Even half the earth underground, I’ll be coming to get you My will is frozen never releasing Determination always increasing You know me by now.., and I’m coming to get you …………………………..x You know the drill by now….determination is my game I’m comin to save your life… relentless I will seek your flame You know me by now…. fortitude is my name I’m comin to get you…………….


David J Caron




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Comin' to get you
Comin' to get you
  • Comin' to get you

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